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 Darcas, lvl 70 mage asking a new try in Destiny

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PostSubject: Darcas, lvl 70 mage asking a new try in Destiny   Sat Jul 19, 2008 3:17 pm

1 ) Character name:


2 ) Character level:


3 ) Character spec / class:

Mage 2/48/11 (atm pvp spec but going to respec)

4 ) Is this your main character ?

it is and wont change it

5 ) Are you over 18 years old ?

Im 18 years old

6 ) What experience do you have in wow before TBC ?

Well I have experience at MC,ZG,BWL,ONY,AQ 20 and AQ 40

7 ) What experience do you have in wow after TBC ?

I have been raid leading Kara,TK,SSC,ZA,Gruul couple of times and I also have Tank gear for the first boss and I have been in Hyjal Smile

8 ) What are you main activities when you are playing wow, except raiding ?

Well sometimes just flying around shattarah and talking with my mates, also some Pvp when I feel like doing it and also lvling my alts I just love it Smile

9 ) Do you like ganking horde ?

I'm not really into ganking Horde but if they attack on me , alt, friends or guildmates he wont be ressing hes corpse till next year Wink

10 ) Are you willing to get Teamspeak and download all the neccesary addons?

I have all addons what are needed for raiding

11 ) Raiding hours are from 20.00-23.00. Can you raid during these hours for atleast
4 days in a week ? (Saturdays we normaly don't put up a raid)

Hmmmm, hard to say sometimes Im really busy with my irl but I try to raid much as possible

12 ) How stable is your Internet connection ?

I might get dc once per day so I think that shouldn't be a problem

13 ) What would Destiny gain from accepting you to our guild ?

1.Mage who knows hes class
2.I have been before in Destiny and Wanna make come back because I miss you so much <3
3.Can Raid lead and be quiet when needed
4.person who wants to take Destiny to Sunwell
5.I have my irl mates in Destiny like Haaru and kirkonmies

14 ) What makes you intrested in joining Destiny ?

I felt really bad when I left and the reason was stupid I have been thinking things out and I want to say Im sorry Freyja and Slu can I have another change ?

15 ) a. What was your last guild (or is still) ?

Cuddly and full of evil

b. Why did you leave (do you want to leave) ?

Too quiet...

16 ) How often have you been changing guild approximately ?

not much I think I changed now a guild for a long time and it didn't feel good at all Sad

17 ) How big part of your time do you use on pvp when you play wow (generally) ?

hmmmm... perhaps 1 or 2 hours per week

18 ) Is your gear enchanted with the best enchants for your character?

I got all the enchants for raiding

19 ) Do you use gems of at least blue quality ?

All the gems are blue some of them even epix

20 ) Do you read discussions and/or information about your class on internet, for example about talent points and raiding ?

sometimes, I might learn something new

21 ) Do you bring flask/elixirs and food (with buffs) to raids ?


22 ) Are you familiar with the Term DKP?
(For more information about how we work with DKP, feel free to check the link below):

I know them like my own pockets

23 ) Do you know anyone in the guild who could put in a good word for you?

Haarukkamies,Kirkonmies,Onean,Faffy,Trouble and lot's of other players Smile

24 ) Please put Armory link of your character here:


25 ) Feel free to state anything in this last area of which you think it is of importance.

Im really sorry what happend when I left and I have been thinking what I said and it was wrong... Still Destiny rules and I wanna be part of Destiny when it Grows one of the bigest end game guild's in the whole server Im sorry guys and I ask could I get a reinvite to Destiny ? Starting from a clean table as a recruit like others nothing else to add

thank you
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PostSubject: Re: Darcas, lvl 70 mage asking a new try in Destiny   Sun Jul 20, 2008 8:46 am

Hei Darcas !

W. me ingame if i dont w. you first.

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PostSubject: darcas   Sat Jul 26, 2008 10:00 am

oh no

nonononononononononononononononononoNO NOT YOU

never again, no darcas sucks so hard he made my unborn child's child cry

just kidding :-p
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PostSubject: Re: Darcas, lvl 70 mage asking a new try in Destiny   

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Darcas, lvl 70 mage asking a new try in Destiny
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