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 Protection paladin

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PostSubject: Protection paladin   Thu Apr 10, 2008 3:19 pm

1 ) Character name:Enchansi

2 ) Character level:70

3 ) Character spec / class:Paladin protection

4 ) Is this your main character ? Yes
(If you are not sure, explain the situation)

5 ) Are you over 18 years old ? Nope im 15

6 ) What experience do you have in wow before TBC ? Server was full on rogues(played rogue before tbc still have it)so I couldn't get in to any guild like MC.

7 ) What experience do you have in wow after TBC ?Full kara, Full gruul,ZA nalorakk (bear boss), Void reaver TK(killed him), Solarian Tacs(nearly downed)

8 ) What are you main activities when you are playing wow, except raiding ? It's different between the days. Doing dailys, doing some pvp.

9 ) Do you like ganking horde ? Sometimes it's fun Razz

10 ) Are you willing to get Teamspeak and download all the neccesary addons? Yes , alrdy got TS installed,and got DBM

11 ) Raiding hours are from 20.00-23.00. Can you raid during these hours for atleast
4 days in a week ? (Saturdays we normaly don't put up a raid) Yes I think I can do it.

12 ) How stable is your Internet connection ? It's good , sometimes it happens I get DC fast, but it doesnt happens often

13 ) What would Destiny gain from accepting you to our guild ? Well, since tanks is important you could be need of an extra and I can aoe tank too, if to fill up spots I got a rogue to help on too.

14 ) What makes you intrested in joining Destiny ? Well, my last guild Twilight Aura disbanded because players didn't show up to 25 man raids and many ppl joined The Arsenal, but their raid times doesn't work for me , but these raid times you have is good for me.

15 ) a. What was your last guild (or is still) ? I'm still in Twilight Aura. but not any offline because of the disband.
b. Why did you leave (do you want to leave) ? Like answer a).

16 ) How often have you been changing guild approximately ? Not very often, been before that I joined small guilds and tried if it worked good but it just disbanded all the time Crying or Very sad . joined <General> (doesnt excist now), same day I joined they disbanded.

17 ) How big part of your time do you use on pvp when you play wow (generally) ? If I got some time over I go do some pvp

18 ) Is your gear enchanted with the best enchants for your character? Well, I have enchanted as much as I can, havent done on weapon or bracers or chest.
- if no, why not ? Haven't found an enchanter to make it, and the gold. Needed my gold for respeccs sometimes between holy and protection

19 ) Do you use gems of at least blue quality ? ye 90% is blue quality
- if no, why not ? havent got the gold but will get better, on prot gear I got 2 greeen quality gems.

20 ) Do you read discussions and/or information about your class on internet, for example about talent points and raiding ? I have before about class , but I know how to play tankadin and the talent specc.

21 ) Do you bring flask/elixirs and food (with buffs) to raids ? Yes

22 ) Are you familiar with the Term DKP? Yes
(For more information about how we work with DKP, feel free to check the link below):

23 ) Do you know anyone in the guild who could put in a good word for you? If Freyja remembers me , I have done instances with him. But I dont know if he can put a good word for me. He knows I think how I play.

24 ) Please put Armory link of your character here , This is my holy gear , check later on and you will see when I have my protection gear on.

25 ) Feel free to state anything in this last area of which you think it is of importance. I'm curious about which days you raid.
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PostSubject: Re: Protection paladin   Mon Apr 14, 2008 4:58 am


I'm sorry but we cannot offer you a spot in Destiny right now.

GM of Destiny
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Protection paladin
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