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 DPS Warrior Application

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PostSubject: DPS Warrior Application   Sun Apr 13, 2008 10:13 am

1 ) Character name: Semia

2 ) Character level: 70

3 ) Character spec / class: Arms (will respecc to Fury for PvE if I get inv ^_^)/Warrior

4 ) Is this your main character ? This is my main character. I will be on for raids I have been confirmed to 100%, but I in my spare time I'll be levelling a character on my brother's server, who has recently started playing again.

5 ) Are you over 18 years old ? No, I'm 14, will be 15 in june.

6 ) What experience do you have in wow before TBC ? MT in Zul'Gurub, focused on PvP. Rank 6, small distance from rank 7.

7 ) What experience do you have in wow after TBC ? cleared Karazhan on two characters (including this one) Wanted to do serious arena, but don't have a partner.

8 ) What are you main activities when you are playing wow, except raiding ? PvP, levelling the above mentioned alt on my brother's server, or farming that epax flying mount Smile

9 ) Do you like ganking horde ? I prefer 1 v 1 fair PvP, but I do find it amusing from time to time, especially if they were ganking me with a T6 buddy, who has to leave :>

10 ) Are you willing to get Teamspeak and download all the neccesary addons? Yes.

11 ) Raiding hours are from 20.00-23.00. Can you raid during these hours for atleast
4 days in a week ? (Saturdays we normaly don't put up a raid) I can raid 'till 22.00 any day, 23.00 for sure on fridays/weekend, not sure about weekdays.

12 ) How stable is your Internet connection ? Stable 80% of the time.

13 ) What would Destiny gain from accepting you to our guild ? A skilled warrior, and a social member.

14 ) What makes you intrested in joining Destiny ? Heard a lot about your raid progress, and many of my mates are in it. (Darcas, Korsto, Whispwalker, Haarukkamies)

15 ) a. What was your last guild (or is still) ? The First Emperor
b. Why did you leave (do you want to leave) ? Anti-social members, bad organization of raids/events. I would also like to join my above mentioned buddies in Destiny.

16 ) How often have you been changing guild approximately ? Twice.

17 ) How big part of your time do you use on pvp when you play wow (generally) ? Very big.

18 ) Is your gear enchanted with the best enchants for your character?
- if no, why not ? Yes.

19 ) Do you use gems of at least blue quality ?
- if no, why not ? No, because I don't find it worth-while to put such gems into my current gear, besides my Furious Gizmatic Goggles, which have the Solid Star of Elune gem atm.

20 ) Do you read discussions and/or information about your class on internet, for example about talent points and raiding ? Yes.

21 ) Do you bring flask/elixirs and food (with buffs) to raids ? No, wasn't necessary yet, but I will gladly adjust Smile

22 ) Are you familiar with the Term DKP? Yes.
(For more information about how we work with DKP, feel free to check the link below):

23 ) Do you know anyone in the guild who could put in a good word for you? Darcas, Korsto, Whispwalker, Haarukkamies.

24 ) Please put Armory link of your character here: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Bloodfeather&n=Semia

25 ) Feel free to state anything in this last area of which you think it is of importance. I would really like to join the rest of my mates in Destiny, and I feel that I will be a worthy addition to this guild. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: DPS Warrior Application   Sun Apr 13, 2008 10:17 am

This is it people first time In my life I see a good post this is marvelous!
Hmmm... I say we should try this new chump in our ranks I say give him invite! Wink
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PostSubject: Re: DPS Warrior Application   Mon Apr 14, 2008 5:23 am


I'm a bit uncertain, in spite of a very good written application.
You are very young, that's one thing. It seems your intellect "compensates" for that though.

The members in Destiny that you mention are highly valued ones, and that gives a hint thet you could belong to that "group" if you joined.

You can raid our normal raiding time only during week-ends most likely. We'd prefer some more raiding activity than that.

I think we need to give your application a bit more consideration before we can give a definite answer.

GM of Destiny
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PostSubject: Re: DPS Warrior Application   

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DPS Warrior Application
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