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 Shadow Priest

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PostSubject: Shadow Priest   Mon Apr 14, 2008 1:44 pm

1 ) Character name: Naměne

2 ) Character level: 70

3 ) Character spec / class: Shadow Priest

4 ) Is this your main character ? Yes
(If you are not sure, explain the situation)

5 ) Are you over 18 years old ? yes, 19

6 ) What experience do you have in wow before TBC ? MC only

7 ) What experience do you have in wow after TBC ? 3 bosses in TK and 3 in SSC

8 ) What are you main activities when you are playing wow, except raiding ? Dailys, farming heroics for badges/gear.

9 ) Do you like ganking horde ? No, I don't pvp at all

10 ) Are you willing to get Teamspeak and download all the neccesary addons? Yes, allready got them.

11 ) Raiding hours are from 20.00-23.00. Can you raid during these hours for atleast
4 days in a week ? (Saturdays we normaly don't put up a raid) Yes, fits me perfectly

12 ) How stable is your Internet connection ? As good as it can be

13 ) What would Destiny gain from accepting you to our guild ? A person that want to raid hardcore, and see MH/BT before Lich king =)

14 ) What makes you intrested in joining Destiny ? The raiding times, and the activity during raidtimes while checking you up on the wholist Razz

15 ) a. What was your last guild (or is still) ? Unicorn
b. Why did you leave (do you want to leave) ? Since they diden't raid 25man, and I coulden't see a future for the guild, with that kind of leadership.

16 ) How often have you been changing guild approximately ? I have only been 70 on this priest for 5 weeks, trying to work my gear up until a 25man level. Have 7 irl mates on the server which have been cleaning kara for 4 weeks now. On my Horde lock I had the same guilf for about 5 months until it disbanded. Then I came to this ally server with my irls. As answer on the question I have been in 3 different guilds on this char, but none of them had the same goals that I'm aiming for.

17 ) How big part of your time do you use on pvp when you play wow (generally) ? No part at all, I rather do my homework =)

18 ) Is your gear enchanted with the best enchants for your character?
- if no, why not ? Yes, got Epic flymount and doing approximately 15 dailys per day to be able to get the best things possible on the EPICS i got, which is my whole character but 2 parts. I crafted the Epic Trinket from Shattered Sun Offensive (Exalted) which costed me 1350gold btw Razz

19 ) Do you use gems of at least blue quality ?
- if no, why not ? Yes, on Epics

20 ) Do you read discussions and/or information about your class on internet, for example about talent points and raiding ? Yes

21 ) Do you bring flask/elixirs and food (with buffs) to raids ? Always, I'm Alchemist

22 ) Are you familiar with the Term DKP? Yes, used it many times before
(For more information about how we work with DKP, feel free to check the link below):

23 ) Do you know anyone in the guild who could put in a good word for you? No

24 ) Please put Armory link of your character here
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PostSubject: Re: Shadow Priest   Tue Apr 15, 2008 9:41 am


I will contact you ingame !

GM of Destiny
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Shadow Priest
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